The Jane Magnolia Tree

Scientific Name: Magnolia x Jane

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The Jane Magnolia tree's Mature Height is 10 - 15 feet, Mature Spread 10 feet, Soil Type Widely Adaptable, Moisture Well Drained Moist, Mature Form Moderate, Growth Rate Moderate, Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun, Flower Color Red to Purple, Fall Color Copper, Foliage Color Green, P Size Pink or Red, Zones 3-7 .

The Jane Magnolia tree, Magnolia x Jane, is a rounded, shrubby plant producing flowers in late spring that resemble slender tulips. The blooms are reddish-purple outside and white inside. Flowers open just before the leaves appear, making a superb display.

Jane Magnolia trees are strong, vigorous, upright growers and are distinguished by their beautifully shaped, extremely fragrant large flowers opening in early May.


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