The London Sycamore Tree

Scientific Name: Platanus Acerifolia

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The London Sycamore tree's Mature Height is 70 - 100 feet, Mature Spread 65 - 80 feet, Soil Type Widely Adaptable, Moisture Widely Adaptable, Mature Form Pyramidal, Growth Rate Rapid, Sun Exposure Full Sun, Flower Color Not Showy, Fall Color Yellow, Foliage Color Green, Zones 5-8.

The London Sycamore tree, Platanus Acerifolia, or "Bloodgood Sycamore" is a large tree. The tree will reach a height of 85 feet and a spread of 70 feet. Pyramidal in youth, it develops a spreading rounded crown with age supported by a few, very large diameter branches. The bark is patchy and very attractive and may be the plants best ornamental attribute. These patches range from creamy-white to olive-green. Large sections of bark may be shed from the tree as it grows older.

This deciduous tree is a fast growing shade tree. Unlike many other fast-growing shade trees, it’s not extremely weak wooded and thus isn’t prone to a lot of limb breakage in ice and snowstorms. London Sycamore trees are easily transplanted and will do well in most soils, but prefers a deep, rich soil. It’s also tolerant of city conditions, air pollution, compacted soils, and drought. It’s a very durable tree. As a big tree, it also provides lots of wonderful shade in parks.


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