The Northern Red Oak Tree

Scientific Name: Quercus borealis

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The Northern Red Oak tree's Mature Height is 50 - 60 feet, Mature Spread 50 - 60 feet, Soil Type Widely Adaptable, Moisture Widely Adaptable, Mature Form Round, Growth Rate Rapid, Sun Exposure Full Sun, Flower Color Yellowish, Green Insignificant, Fall Color Red, Foliage Color Green, Zones 3-8.

The Northern Red Oak tree, Quercus borealis, is known for its strength and brilliant fall color. Northern Red Oak trees are used as a specimen tree and also for wildlife. It has moderate water requirements and has a moderate tolerance to salt and alkali soils. The form of this tree is rounded and the ascending, usually massive branches, tend to branch low to the ground.

Fall colors are from yellow-brown to russet-red and bright red. New leaves have a reddish tinge in the spring. Commercially valuable wood. They will bear acorns in 10-12 years in the nursery. Does best in well-drained soils. A very widely planted tree.


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