The Kentucky Coffee Tree

 Gymnocladus Dioicus

 Mature Height 60 - 75 feet, Mature Spread 40 - 50 feet, Soil Type Widely Adaptable, Moisture Widely Adaptable, Mature Form Oval, Round, Growth Rate Moderate to Fast, Sun Exposure Full Sun, Flower Color Insignificant, Fall Color Yellow, Foliage Color Green, Zones 3-8.

The Kentucky Coffee Tree, Gymnocladus Dioicus, may also be known as American coffee berry, Kentucky mahogony, nicker treet, or stump tree. Kentucky Coffee trees are large round-barked trees belonging to the legume family and reaches heights of 60 to 100 feet. Its short trunk, 1 to 2 feet in diameter, divides into several large branches. The leaves are ovalish and are 2-4 inches long.

An unofficial state tree of Kentucky, the Kentucky Coffee Tree is closely related to the honeylocust. This deciduous tree is ideal as a shade tree on larger, ungroomed properties.

It got its name because early North American colonists used the large seeds to make coffee. When eaten raw, the seeds are poisonous. The bark is deeply furrowed and dark brown in colour. It adapts well to urban conditions. Fall color is yellow turning to orange.

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