Hackberry Tree Celtis Occidentalis - mature shape Hackberry Tree  Celtis Occidentalis - spring color Hackberry Trees - Celtis Occidentalis in park

The Hackberry Tree

Celtis Occidentalis

The Hackberry tree's Mature Height is 50 - 75 feet, Mature Spread 25 - 40 feet, Soil Type Widely Adaptable, Moisture Widely Adaptable, Mature Form Upright, Vase Shape, Growth Rate Rapid, Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun, Flower Color Green Inconspicuous, Fall Color Yellow, Foliage Color Green, Zones 3-9

The Hackberry tree, Celtis Occidentalis, is a superior tree that withstands heat, drought, wind, and alkaline soils. The Hackberry tree is tall, and has similar spread, with ascending arching branches, and some drooping branches. Hackberry trees have a large spreading crown with red-orange fruit in the fall.

This deciduous tree has low water requirements, and a high tolerance to salt and alkali soils and urban conditions. Light green summer foliage turns to a yellow fall color. The Hackberry is a moderate growing rugged tree. The trunk takes on a corky appearance as it matures.

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