The Hybrid Poplar Tree

 Populus x canadensis Robusta

 The Hybrid Poplar tree, Populus deltoides/Populus nigra, will grow six feet per year with average and normal conditions This fast growing tree is often planted as a hedge, screen, windbreak, or to line a road or drive.

You can expect this tree to be over 20’ tall and 15’ wide in just three years. It can grow to over 70’ tall. This deciduous tree will require supplemental water until established.

When you need shade in a hurry, we suggest the fast-growing Hybrid Poplar trees. We haven't found any tree that grows like it. It normally lives 30-50 years. It is wind, disease, and insect-resistant and it can take the cold as far north as Canada.

This poplar is often used to reforest after forest fire, and to reclaim land after strip mining. But, the best use is to provide beauty and a quick, cool, shade tree for new homes.

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