The Hazelnut Tree

Corylus americana

The Hazelnut tree's Mature Height is 8 - 15 feet, Mature Spread 8 - 15 feet, Soil Type Sandy, Clay, Loam, Moisture - Widely Adaptable, Mature Form Round, Growth Rate Rapid, Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun, Flower Color Yellow, Fall Color Orange to Yellow, Foliage Color Dark Green, P Size Yellow or Orange, Zones 4-9,

The Hazelnut tree, Corylus americana, also commonly called the American filbert, is a Missouri native, deciduous, rounded, multi-stemmed tree/shrub which typically grows 8-16' tall and occurs in dry or moist thickets, woodlands and wood margins, valleys, uplands and prairies. In spring, male flowers appear in showy, 2-3" long, yellowish brown catkins and female flowers appear in small, reddish, inconspicuous catkins.

Hazelnut trees produce small, egg-shaped, 1/2" long, edible nuts (maturing July-August) which are encased in leafy, husk-like form. Nuts are similar in flavor to the European filbert, and may be roasted and eaten or ground into flour, but are also commonly left for the squirrels and birds.

This deciduous trees has dark green leaves (3-6" long). The fall color is quite variable, ranging from attractive combinations of orange, rose, purplish red, yellow and green to yellowish green. Wildlife relish the nuts.

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