The Canadian Hemlock Tree - Tsuga canadensis

Mature Height :
50-75 feet
Mature Spread :
20-30 feet
Mature Form :
Growth Rate :
Sun Exposure :
Full Sun - Full Shade
Soil Moisture :
Widely adaptable
Soil Type :
Sandy, loam
Flower Color :
Not showy
Foliage Color :
Fall Color :
Zones :
3 - 7


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About the Canadian Hemlock :

The Canadian Hemlock tree, Tsuga canadensis, is also called Eastern Hemlock or Hemlock spruce. This evergreen conifer is a fast-growing long-lived tree which unlike many trees grows well in shade. It may take 250 to 300 years to reach maturity and may live for 800 years or more. It has a graceful pyramidal form with foliage of spray-like appearance.

This stately tree is a very hardy specimen and is an easily transplanted conifer which grows well in a variety of soils. Shelter small plants from drying winds. They stand shearing and pruning well and are excellent as hedges. They are graceful and make great ornamental plantings.

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